I bought an adorable little iPhone case for about $8. As cute as it was, it didn’t last very long at all..
The decorations wore off super quickly and eventually the only thing left was the plastic white shell 😦
Sad day..

It made me think about it, though. Why not add my own decorations?! Duh
So I grabbed my fabric, hot glue gun, a few more crafting supplies and had at it! Here’s the final result!

It’s pretty easy. All you will need is:
-an old iPhone case
-fabric, embroidery thread, felt, and whatever else you would like to decorate the fabric with
-Mod Podge
-hot glue gun
-scissors, and x-acto knife

Simply cut the fabric out so that there is plenty of room to wrap it around the outer part of the case, decorate the fabric however you would like, and then hot glue the fabric to the…

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