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Welcome to my 2nd DIY Wednesday! Featuring…

flower twinkle lights

Nothing adds a touch of ambience like lighting. Whether you want to spruce up your daughter’s bedroom, your dorm room, or your wedding decorations, these little flower lights add just a hint of delightful sparkle.

Flower Twinkle Lights!


  1. strand of LED twinkle lights
  2. vellum paper (you can find in a crafts store or order at awesome places like paperandmore )
  3. writing utensil
  4. scissors
  5. ruler
  6. hot glue gun
  7. hot glue sticks


Step 1:

Fold a sheet of 8.5 x 11 vellum paper in half. Then fold the paper once more, dividing it into quarters.



Step 2:

Measure the 4.25” mark.

You will be cutting your vellum paper into four equal squares. 



Step 3:

Begin to cut your paper.



Step 4



Step 5:

Cut your paper into four equal squares.



Step 6:

Take one of your vellum squares and fold it into a triangle.



Step 7:

Bring the corners of your triangle to a point so that they form a diamond.



Step 8:

Fold your diamond one more time down the center so that it forms a triangle once more.



Step 9:

Using a marker or pen, draw the shape of a single petal onto your paper.



Step 10:

Cut out the shape of your petal, along with the tiniest bit of the tip.

The cut tip will be the opening for the bulb.



Step 11:

Open up your paper to reveal a blossom.

Make as many of these as you would like to attach to your lights.



Step 12:

Slide the blossoms over the light bulbs (make sure you slide them to the base of the light and not the bulb, in case you have to change out the bulbs). 

Attach the blossoms to the lightbulb bases using tiny dabs of hot glue.

Repeat until you are happy with your light strand!


Although LEDs admit very low warmth, these lights should probably not be left alone for vast amounts of time. They are recommended for indoor use or temporary outdoor use only.

The Pink Locket

That’s right, it all comes down to organization, especially with jewelry.  The average woman has well over 10 pairs of earring and organizing them can be challenging.  The key to organizing jewelry is putting it on display so that you can actually see what you have.  If you see it, your more than likely to wear it.  I’ve scoured the web to find really neat ways to “display” your earrings.  Check them out:

What’s cool about this display is that it is an “artful” one, very eye catching!

This is actually my favorite one!  I love that you can create this using old picture frames, that way it can go on your bedroom wall as an actual display.

This a great way to store small and stud earrings, it’s small enough to fit into a drawer, but visible enough to view your earring collection.

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