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Funny story: It started in a Circle K last year with my friends and I on the search for snacks. Twas’ a late Saturday night, close to the midnight hour, and, of course, we were being foolish. Three girls, dressed in Powerpuff Girl outfits, were running around the store. One of them shouts to the others, “Get whatever you want, don’t worry, I have pizza rolls! We can go back to my house and make pizza rolls. Get whatever you want, I have pizza rolls!”

Needless to say, “IT’S OKAY, I HAVE PIZZA ROLLS” is now a running joke in my circle of friends.

I’m not a huge fan of the snack, but it is fun for parties and get-togethers. In order to avoid the whole $9.00 a bag thing, I looked into a couple of alternatives- making your own! Check out this easy recipe to avoid any ridiculous situations…

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