before we say "I Do"

[finally getting around to this probably much-awaited post]

Since about August/September 2011, I have been slowly collecting green wine bottles from the restaurant that Ben & I both work at (I only work on weekends…except tonight because I’m not feeling well). By now, I have about 100, but still collecting.

First I only grabbed a few to paint, but then I realized that this would be a great, inexpensive way to DIY some unique centerpieces for the wedding. After months of collecting & cleaning the bottles, I finally sat down to start etching them the week I got back from Hawaii.

Before Hawaii, I had completely cleaned off the dining room table & stored all of my projects, but here it is all ready for another round of crafting.

This day, I only had time to test out one bottle in preparation for the following week when Angel, a wonderful…

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