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Over the weekend I hosted a get together with some friends from work, we call ourselves The Crafty Beavers!  We’ve started a monthly craft party to share ideas and make new things.  This month, we learned how to make leather wrapped bracelets.  I sourced all of the supplies and created a kit for each attendee.  We started with the basics- waxed linen and cotton in assorted colors, ball chain in various finishes,  leather cording, and beads.  Everyone brought  something to share: music, food, wine, superglue (yay Shauna!), and together, we made some delicious arm candy while having a great time.   

We started with tutorials from and which were great, but we ran into a few snags.  Luckily, I have some very clever and creative friends!  Here is what we learned:

  • Measure your wrist before cutting the ball chain.  Six inches was not enough for most of us.
  • Measure your leather cording too!  Allow enough for the knot and closure.  It’s better to…

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