Lately I’ve seen tonnes of these OTT flower garlands and I’m obsessed, doubt I could pull off Mara Hoffman’s full bouquet (right) but I’m gunna have a go at something like what Lana Del Reys been rocking in videos and promo images.

So here’s my take on the trend (a lot cheaper I imagine), wish I could’ve tried it with lots of different flowers but had no clue where to go to get them?? Anyway, found these white rose foam blooms in hobbycraft and actually were really reasonable at £4.99 for like 6 i think?

back to the diy…

You’ll need:

Alice band + Glue + Artificial Flowers + Ribbon

Step one: Trim the stems to about 4cm

Step two: Wrap the stem around the alice band

Step three: You can adjust the placement of the flowers once they are on the band by just sliding them along. Sometimes its…

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