Spin. Sew. Sketch.

Since high school, I’ve had the same white Sony Cybershot. It was a great little camera: about the size of my current cell phone so it easily fit into my pocket, fairly good quality considering when I bought it, and far more reliable than any other point and shoots I had ever tried out–in fact, it still works perfectly today. Unfortunately, recent DIY-photography and European vacations, and an impending trip to Hawaii, highlighted the need for a more technologically advanced camera. While the Cybershot remains in perfect working order, it was becoming increasingly evident that I was going to require more megapixels, more zoom, better light adaptation…you get the picture. Luckily, my yearning for a fresh camera fully kicked in right after receiving Christmas money, and that’s when I bought my Canon SX230 (which I would like to give a name, but but I’m having trouble committing–any suggestions?).

Of course…

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