Lola & Maddie

We featured these super fun crayons before in round shapes, but this year we decided to make them for M’s valentines and add glitter (because what were we thinking ever NOT using glitter on a project).  They turned out amazing and M is so excited to hand them out at school!

Materials Needed:
Hearth Shaped Baking Sheet
Index Cards or Paper of your choice
Stamps and Stamp Pad
Step One:
Preheat your oven to 300 degrees.
 Step Two:
Collect all of your used crayons from around the house and peel the paper of of them.
Step Three:
Sprinkle glitter into each section of the baking pan.
Step Four:
Break each crayon into a few small pieces.  Put the crayon pieces into the sections of the pan.  We tried to keep similar colors together ie. blues, grays, greens.  You can arrange the colors however you like, though…

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