When I was in high school, I used to wear silver glitter as eye shadow.

And not just to pep rallies or out dancing.  Oh, it’s a Tuesday?  I have a geometry test today?  Guess I’ll wear some silver glitter.

My glitter-crush is still alive and kicking ten years later.  Although I can’t imagine an appropriate event for the eye shadow anymore.  Halloween, maybe?  New Years?

I guess this lady is still working the glitter-shadow…

Anyway.  I saw these kicks on “this is glamourous” recently and it started a full on glitter revival.

I searched and found crafts where people glittered double sided tape, camera straps, disco balls, utensils, wallpaper, even an edible glitter TRIFLE!!  Now you can COOK WITH GLITTER!!!

I went out that night and bought fabric glue and a big container of gold fine glitter.

Not edible.  But so sparkly.

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