Love is certainly in the air.    It always seems to happen this time of year.  Couples plan adorable little trips (or at least dinner), little ones pass pink and red notes and candies, teens fall in and out of love pretty much every day…  There is something about the nip in the air, and the coming of warmer weather that makes everything turn cheerful and pink.

So how could I resist putting together a little collection of beautifully designed, well created, valentines inspired pieces with you?

1.  Cutest Valentines day card ever.  Scratch off hearts cover various date night activities (or any other sweet, romantic options.)  Designed by the brilliant crew at BHG and they provide full DIY instructions!  A printer, a little white acrylic paint, and you’re good to go!

2.  This stunning, eye catching, completely beautiful portrait was done by linda Tinfena of TinfenaStudio.  I love…

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