Simple Medicine

Lately I’ve been on a soap box about cosmetics and skin care. Mostly because it’s a legitimate concern of mine. There are ingredients in some cosmetics that I wouldn’t want near me, let alone on my skin. 

It doesn’t help that I recently submitted an assignment for Public Health titled, Toxic Cosmetics: Lead in Lipstick or that I’m in an Environmental Medicine class OR that my university is doing research on the toxins excreted from our bodies by sweating. It’s a constant reminder that every pump of hand soap or lotion might be doing more harm than good.

I think I might be living on this soap box for a while.

Five Ways to be Beautiful (and skip the toxins):

1. Olive Oil instead of shaving cream. Olive oil works just a well without any mystery ingredients. See this post for more information

2. Cleansing grains to exfoliate your…

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