Once Upon A Craft

What you’ll need to make your Cupcake Candy Flats:

  1. Mod Podge (about 2 oz)
  2. Candy Sprinkles
  3. Foam Brush
  4. Clear Spray Sealer
  5. Fabric Flats/Shoes

Be sure to protect your work surface with a trash bag or newspaper and that you are wearing the appropriate crafting attire.

The first time I attempted this I began mixing the candy and mod podge together in hopes that I would just paint it on. This is what happened.

The colors bled and I ended up with a gray mess.

Instead I started by painting a thick layer of mod podge over the area of the shoe where I wanted the candy(for these shoes I only wanted the toes done). Then with the sprinkle spout still on, I sprinkled the candy all over the shoe. Pausing to lightly press down on the candy to make it stick.

*make sure your hand is free of glue and…

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