So Verry Stansberry

Ladies, have you been hitting up the end of the season clearance sales at the mall? Are you running out of room to store those heels you bought? Do you have extra wall space in your room or closet?

If you answered yes to these questions, I’ve got the perfect DIY project for you (wow, after reading back over that, I realize I sounded like a commercial you probably fast forward through). But here’s a little back story for you, first.

My sister is obsessed with her corner. It’s not really a corner, though. I guess it’s more like a nook in the corner of her room. Just like people decorate differently for the different seasons, Laura is the same way with her corner – er, nook. Once it was Harry Potter themed, another time she decorated it with some really cute scrapbook paper crafts, and another time she had…

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