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“Gerry has always believed that we have been put here on Earth to learn, to make the most of our God-given potential. Whatever challenge he chooses next, I have no doubt it will fully occupy our lives.”

So says Sally Spiess, wife of Gerry Spiess, author of Alone Against the Atlantic. I’ve never heard of this book, or even the author, but it’s a story in this week’s book repurposing: a Reader’s Digest. This quote stood out to be because of the parallels it has with my life at the moment. I’m attempting to achieve my full potential, and it is certainly occupying my life. I’m constantly researching and crafting to bring the best possible options to my thesis.

My boss gave me about eight of these Reader’s Digest books, and they have beautiful patterns to their covers that I knew I had to display in some way…

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