gettin' fresh!

One of my gardening dreams is to have a greenhouse. It doesn’t have to be enormous, just a pretty little affair like Lynnette’s over at Chooks and Roots blog, where I can grow a few prized tropical plants all year long. (Tomatoes… lemons… limes… bananas… mangoes… coffee… okay, maybe it’s going to have to be a smidge bigger than Lynnette’s….)

Well, at present I don’t have the money to spend on a full-blown greenhouse, but I did decide that this spring I would make the effort to build a cold frame. A cold frame is basically like a miniature solar greenhouse. The sun warms the soil and air inside to a few degrees over what it is outside, but it’s called a “cold” frame to distinguish it from a “hot” frame, which has an additional, non-solar source of heat. (This could be electrical, or it could come from decomposing…

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