raising a free range family

This all came about 6 months ago when we began making soaps, scrubs, laundry soaps etc.  My hubby started in on me about my antiperspirant/deodorant and the aluminum that it contained.  I said that I was cool with going “crunchy” on quite a few things in my life but I was NOT going to give up deodorant and was NOT going to stink. 😉  I could tell he was concerned for my wellbeing so I said what all good wives say, if I do it, then YOU do it!

He agreed!

So my hunt for a homemade deodorant began.  I wasn’t looking for anything complicated because honestly, I didn’t think we’d make it more than once.  After all, there is a reason that there are so many commercial products on the market and the only experience that I had with a natural deodorant was with Tom’s of Maine and it…

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