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i have an obsession with paper goods. there, i said it! i still write thank you notes by hand & send them snail mail (isn’t there something so romantic & lovely about receiving mail!) and i jump on any chance to send paper mail. while i no longer get to go to school & receive valentines from all of my classmates (wasn’t that the best?) i did want to send out a few valentines to my close family & friends.

i knew i wanted valentines that had some form of diy & when i saw these whimsical envelopes on pinterest, i knew i would be making at least the envelopes this year.


{original pinterest link: paper envelopes}


  • envelope to use as template
  • printed paper (i used square scrapbooks sheets, but size depends on the size of the envelope)
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • gluestick
  • paper tags or labels (optional – i…

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