My Time Well Spent

Paper Flower Key Holder

Here’s how:

1. Cut out a circle in the cardboard that is a bit larger than a quarter.


2. Cut your wire hanger in a section that is about 10î long.

3. Bend it like you see in the photo. It should have a hook and an area where you can glue it down. Each end should have a tiny loop. The tiny loop at the top is for the nail.


4. Hot glue the wire on top of the circle of cardboard.


5. Cut out 6 layers of book pages in a flower pattern provided using straight edge scissors and pinking shears so that your flower has texture.


6. Staple the layers together in the middle in an X (this is my big flower making secret)


7. Fold up the top layer to cover the staples and continue folding up the layers to make your flower come to life.

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