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“A single rose can be my garden… a single friend, my world.”

Oh, man. Leo Buscaglia knows what’s going on with that quote.
I would marry this rose. While making the wreath from the previous post, I put my roommate to work creating what I thought would be a simple origami rose. After about 30 minutes, I glanced her way and my jaw dropped through my floor and to the bottom floor of our building, and possibly to China. She was not playing around; the rose she was creating was pure perfection. I think by seeing this rose of book pages, my senior thesis project came to fruition. I finally saw that I was creating (or, my roommate in this case) beautiful things from the pages of old books.

Book Page Roses

  • Materials needed: Hot glue, base (I used cardboard), scissors, patience, book pages
  • Time it took: appx…

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