style is an option..

I have to admit, working five days a week and trying to keep up with a full classload can be overwhelming and at times extremely stressful.  Therefore, there are many times where things that I once took time to do, are put on the back burner.  Most recently this can be seen in the state of my hair.  My roots are grown so far out and most of the time I have to throw it in a sloppy bun due to lack of time.  That is why I’m so thankful that the ballerina bun is in style.

While there is a strong chance that if you catch me at work I’ll be sporting some kind of up-do, most of the time its the ballerina bun.  So to change it up a bit, I found through Pintrest and a friend a new twist on the classic.  Its called a sock bun and…

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