Starlight and Tea

Pattern Information: Simplicty 9769

Construction Information:

  • corset kit
  • Two layers of un-dyed muslin
  • Flat-felled seams
  • Laces were tea dyed to match the color of the muslin
  • 15 eyelet pairs on back
  • Crocheted lace, handstitched to the top and bottom hems

I really, really love this corset.  It was my first attempt with steel boning and a busk, and my first attempt at using an awl to install the eyelets.  It took me about a week of working to finish it- I went very, very slowly to make sure I didn’t make a mistake, and made sure to finish all my seams and trim my threads as I went (occasionally I let things go until it all reaches a certain point, and then I start to finish them).

I actually finished the corset and started to sew on the lace by hand, only to discover that I didn’t purchase enough…

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