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Making a quilled egg is one of the easiest things to do. You’ll need to go to your local craft/hobby store and pick up very few items. Gem glue, quilling strips, a quilling tool, and whatever you want to quill onto. In this case, a styrofoam egg. You can also make your own quilling strips by buying 12×12 construction paper (Standard scrapbooking paper) and cutting them into 1/8″ strips. Try using a paper slicer though, since you really want the strips to be uniform.

You can also purchase embellishments for your egg. I used half pearls for this egg, and rhinestones on the other one. Let your imagination run free, after all, isn’t that what crafting is all about? These take some time to make, and I find that applying the marquise as I make them are better then pre-making all of them. This way you can make what you…

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