The Saucy Postcard

There’s a subtle beauty to glass jars. And they’re fantastic for adding some vintage-style charm to your home. And the most fantastic thing? You more than likely have a bunch of them sitting in your house today. Anything from spaghetti to jam to honey, these awesome glass jars that are sitting right in your cupboard can be easily reused in the near future.

Depending on the design of the label, you may decide to keep the label on, which I think is cool too. But if you want to rip that label off and have a clean jar, I’m going to give you my secret on how to get rid of those pesky labels, and this method has been personally tried and tested by yours truly.

Now I’m using a Classico spaghetti sauce jar, which is actually an Atlas Mason jar – total vintage charm written all over it!

Tools you’ll…

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