Here is the skirt I made for Vivian using the same Burda pattern as Nora’s.

Viv’s skirt isn’t as full because I was a little short on material (I wanted to use fabric I already had at home 🙂 ). Luckily it still worked out!

To gather the skirt, I used a quick and easy technique my Mom taught me using dental floss! Maybe it’s my lack of sewing experience, but any time I’ve tried to do gathering in the past, with thread, it was a pain…. literally! Pulling the thread is hard and it cuts into your skin. I was also lucky if the thread didn’t break or get stuck. So this way was a lot easier!

Skirt Gathering Using Dental Floss

First, I secured one end of the floss to the inside of the skirt, using my sewing machine:

I even tied a little knot to make sure the floss stayed fixed in place. Then…

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