Gianna Paniagua


I’ve been wanting a Frida Kahlo inspired head piece for a while, but feel as though it’s not exactly the best thing to wear every day.  Here’s a little mini version with some of my own style added to it- aka the gold chain.  Adding some gold chain can fix everything.

What you need:

  • Glue Gun
  • Flowers- any color will do.   I find that going to Michael’s or Jo-Ann Fabrics to buy a whole bouquet is the cheapest.  Just separate each flower and snip off as much of the stem as possible so they don’t show or stick out of the clip.
  • Hair comb
  • Gold Chain- I buy from Pacific Trimming
  • Scissors- to cut the flowers with
  • Gold Hoop Rings- to link the three gold chains to
  • Pliers- to link the three chains to the gold hoop

To start, glue a few flowers to the clip.  Then, link your…

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