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what to wear: So I saw this braided necklace on Pinterest (below) and thought to my cheap self, “I can make that for a quarter of the price AND take a shittier picture”, so I did. And I like mine more.

what you need:

  • Gold chain: $3.99 @ ylcs
  • String of beads (already made for me): $2.99 @ ylcs
  • Gold rings to link the beads and the chain together: $1.99 @ ylcs
  • A pair of needle nose pliers and braiding skillz


  • Braid the beads, I did a (sort of) fishtail braid
  • Attach the gold rings on the ends of the braid
  • Attach the chain. Boom time.
  • I made mine longer because that’s what I like. You do you.

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