Hello. My name is Travory. I am a “crafter”. I created this blog to learn and be taught new skills. I plan on creating DIYs, craft videos and posts, and environmental savvy crafting and tips. I am currently a student in Colorado! Whoot Whoot! The land of Snow and Dreams. Haven’t quite found the dreams. The phase that I have been currently going through is sewing and environmental crafting which hasn’t let up yet. I own a little white dog named Henry. Named after my first animal Henry (the bird) who I owned when I was in my single digits. My favorite color is green I have yet found a shade that has disgusted me. I attempted in being a Vegetarian but miserably failed because the smell of bacon. Right now I have cut down to white meat only (occasionally red meat) and many vegetables and fruits. So far that’s all I can currently think of but will be back with more. –Travory (Avory)