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Five Things I Love This Week

Hearts Stitched Together

Cabinets of Curiosities

extremely cute & heart warming! with free template & tutorial!

nothing beats a handmade card!


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der liebling

I can`t take anymore red underwear, red socks, red mugs, red pillows, red candles, red ugly disturbing nightgowns- no red please!

I saw this very simple yet fun DIY on Globetrotter diaries and had to share it; not because it`s St. Valentine day today, no, just because I-like-it.


– Thick black construction paper, or cardboard
– Scissors, or utility knife if using cardboard
– Prime lens with a wide aperture (A 50 mm f/1.8 lens is great here)
– Ruler

How you see the world usually:

How you see the world after you have fallen in loove:

more instructions and details can be found on Globetrotter diaries.


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Dreaming a home

I haven’t forgotten blogging or home DIY.  Honest, I haven’t.  But the weekend had to be spent updating some technology around here.  Because of that, I’m taking advantage of what and who has gone before!

I think I could spend years just browsing the blogosphere and learning how to do things.  There are so many creative, intelligent and capable folks writing and photographing the entire process from beginning to end.  I could fall, like Alice, right down the rabbit hole – and not mind a bit!

This post is meant to be a kudos of a kind for the creators.  For the people who figure things out (because that’s just how their brains work).  For the people who freely share information  (because that’s how their hearts work).

It’s a chance for me to show off the skills of a few folks (whom I most likely will never met!).  It also…

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In the Tulsa area?  Looking for a new and unique way to surprise your loved one for Valentine’s Day?

The Tulsa Fab Lab is offering classes throughout the month of February.  The class will show you how to fabricate your own special chocolate heart and box to hold it.

It not only produces a gift but shows you how to use the computer based fabrication process available at the Lab.  You don’t have to be an engineer or even an artist to enjoy this hands on activity.

Drew and I spend a lot of time over here at the Fab Lab.  Even though we didn’t make this one together, I know what a joy it is to create something with a friend or loved one.  We are always working on projects together.  I have to say it’s my favorite thing to do with Drew!

Come make your own heart any…

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Cautious camper