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Yesterday Goodwill hosted a fashion and clothing event which I attended my first time. To sum it up quickly, it was hectic, loud and I think I developed claustrophobia during the clothes swap. The event first stared with a tour of some advertising booths and food samples which I thought were the most exciting things at first. Then the fashion stared at 6:45 staring student designers who took clothes from Goodwill and re-purposed them into their own design. I realized that if I wanted any of the “good clothes” that I would have leave the fashion show early to get in front of the line and get to the racks the fastest. About ten mins into the swap, racks were appearing empty. I was pushed and manipulated but in the end found a few dress and blazers. I acculturated some clothes that actually fit me and some brand names like Norstrom and H&M. Above are just a few pieces. Please ignore the messy room. My time is wasted on blogging and sew, not cleaning.

Living Green

Living Green

Remember that there’s only one Earth. And no it is not completely yours.

The Beginning

So I’m not really sure of what to write on this blog. My boyfriend made one which obligated me to create one. He just rambles on him about things that are happening or just stuff throughout the day. Nothing specific. I was thinking of doing the same thing. Who would ever read my blog. Nobody. Why? Cause there are people who don’t have the time to listen to my thoughts or feelings. Then again why should I create a blog for people that I don’t even know. I am creating this blog for my own enjoyment and who ever wants to join may strap on a seat belt.