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The First Three Words

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Taking Better Photos

The Cotton Gin

Recently, I decided to reach out and ask for some advice from another crocheter/blogger. She made some great observations and I’ve taken her suggestions to heart. So, my first order of business: take better, more consistent photos.

I’ve been wanting a light box, but didn’t want to spend the money. So, I read a few DIY articles online and built my own. It is far from perfect and definitely has that home-made look, but I’m pleased with it despite that.

This is not a tutorial. It is just me bragging on my own efforts to make something useful without spending much money.

Basically, it’s a portable, table-top studio for shooting small projects. It’s covered in paper or fabric to diffuse light and prevent glaring. Mine is approximately 24″ x 24″ x 24″. I used recycled foam-core signs from my old job to build a box. I painted the insides white and secured the…

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Charleydesigns's Blog

So as stated in my last post I undertook a series of restoration projects. I use the word restoration rather then conservation, because rather then simply maintain the piece in its original form (conservation) I give the piece’s ‘facelifts’ so to speak (restoration) to add new life and ‘beautify’ if you like.

So to the sewing table.

After university had finished, I needed something to unwind from it all, something that wasn’t to stressful but still proved to be a challenge. I had originally thought of building something but I knew I needed a design, then as I was cleaning up outside under the pergola for a family gathering, moving stuff out of the way to sweep, I got to the old sewing table which was covered by a sheet and which had been sitting out there for years, 30 odd I think, at first I simply moved it out of…

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My Version of a Blessing Bag

Amazingly Awkward

Kids With A Vision (KWAV) originally posted the idea of Blessing Bags.

I think it is a wonderful idea. They put little ziplock bags of goodies together, store them in their vehicles, and hand them out when they see someone in need.

I decided that I should make some and give them out to a few of my friends and family to carry in their cars.

There is discussion of having a family get together and making a whole bunch of them.

These are a few of my BB supplies.

I wrote a scripture that is special to me on the bags with a sharpie.

 It is still cold out so I bought a hat and gloves too. I am just going to put them in the glove box and when I give them away I will go buy another set.

I just realized I didn’t have any snacks in…

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Moon Rox

One of the first booth’s I came across at the One of a Kind show was ‘Moon Rox’.  The creator of Moon Rox, Monique definitely set the bar high for the rest of the booths at the show.  I was so impressed with her jewelry, and the way her product was displayed.  These fresh, fun and vibrant pieces are the perfect addition to any outfit you might wear!

What inspires you to create the beautiful pieces Moon Rox has?
This is one of the most commonly asked questions to a creative person, but I find it’s also one of the most difficult to answer because I find that I am inspired by so many different things all the time.  I’m inspired by the beautiful and creative women in my life, inspired by colour, inspired by street style, inspired by vintage housewares and fun quirky found objects.  Often I am inspired by the…

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